MCS-MTA Contract

The collective bargaining agreement between Modesto City Schools and Modesto Teachers' Association is a ratified agreement by both parties, except as specifically noted in MCS-MTA documented agreement.

Thank you to all who voted on the Letter of Agreement.

The results are:

YES -- 468 (94%)

NO -- 29 (6%)

This vote gives the Association the ability to enforce the elements of the agreement. Thank you again, we are stronger together!

Work Site Flexibility

Human Resources (

Worksite Flexibility Due to Child Care: With the return of students to in-person learning, the worksite flexibility for childcare reasons is no longer an option. TK-2 teachers are expected to return on November 12th and 3-6 teachers on November 30th. If you are in need of leave due to childcare, or other leave provisions due to COVID-19, you may elect to take a leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Employees will need to submit the leave form and upload a work year calendar that indicates the days of leave only. In addition, requests should include the name of the child, child’s schools & school schedule. I recommend providing a screenshot of the child’s schedule from the school’s online system (Schoology, ParentSquare, Google Classroom, etc.). Information should be provided for each child.

  • For further information or specific questions regarding applicable leave provisions, please contact Kahil Morales, Supervisor of Employee Benefit Programs via email at

SB-98 Education finance: education omnibus budget trailer bill.