Adjunct Duty

a) Question: May employees be required to devote a reasonable amount of time to adjunct duty?

Advice: Yes, as a guideline, the time spent by the employee in grades 9-12 on such additional work related duties should not exceed approximately 15 hours during a school year. In grades 7-8, such additional work-related duties, including bus and hall duty, should not exceed 15 hours during a school year [MCS-MTA Contract].

b) Question: May the local administrator exceed this guideline?

Advice: Yes, only if his/her action is reviewed and approved by the Superintendent. In reviewing the local administrator’s action, the Superintendent shall consider the following [MCS-MTA Contract]:

  1. Uniform and equitable distribution of duties among employees;
  2. Special needs of the school;
  3. Special needs, abilities, handicaps, and/or limitations of the individual employee;
  4. Efficient use of employee time;
  5. Extent of the employee's voluntary contribution of time to school or District activities.

c) Question: Is the employee responsible for assigning a substitute to adjunct duties?

Advice: No, the local administrator is responsible for assigning a substitute.


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