Class Assignment

a) Question: How should a teacher be assigned to a position?

Teachers should be assigned to a position on the basis of credential. The junior and senior high school site administrators shall provide an opportunity for staff involvement in planning teaching assignments.

The K-6 site administrators shall provide an opportunity to involve teaching staff in developing class lists. Prior to the end of the school year, effort is to be made to provide assignment of continuing elementary students to teachers for the next year.

The local site administrator is responsible for class lists and teaching assignments within a building. It is the District’s intention to obtain meaningful participation and involvement of staff in the fulfillment of this responsibility [Modesto City Schools BP4113].

b) Question: What recourse may a teacher pursue to deal with a class assignment he/she does not wish to accept?

Advice: The teacher needs to respond to the principal(s) within 5 working days of being informed of their class assignment. The correspondence would best be emailed with a carbon copy (CC) sent to MTA stating, "I do not wish to accept the class assignment". The principal(s) will need to respond within 10 working days with their justification.


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