Classroom Disruptions

a) Question: What may a teacher do to minimize classroom disruptions?

Advice: The Governing Board recognized the importance of providing students with sustained, uninterrupted instruction. Allowing interruptions during class time may imply to students that what is occurring in the classroom lacks value. Therefore, interruptions and distractions must be controlled and avoided to ensure that teachers can dedicate classroom time to the instruction of students.

The Superintendent shall require the school principals to restrict the use of intercoms and to reasonably limit office summons and the use of student messengers [Modesto City Schools Board Policy 6116].

b) Question: What is the consequence for a parent or person who disrupts classwork?

Advice: Any parent, guardian, or other person whose conduct in a place where a school employee is required to be in the course of his or her duties materially disrupts classwork or extracurricular activities or involves substantial disorder is guilty of a misdemeanor [California Education Code 44811, 44810].


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