Collaborative Meeting

a) Question: What does a collaborative meeting entail?

Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, 26 early release days will be scheduled for collaboration. Teachers are required to remain on site unless directed otherwise.

Collaboration time shall be defined as follows:

Collaboration time will involve teachers and administrators working together to improve achievement by clearly defining the content and skills students mush learn creating common formative assessments to determine student acquisition of those content and skills, examining student data to determine remediation or progression plan, working collaboratively to identify most effective research-based instructional practices, development of lessons, and working together as professionals to engage in job embedded learning.

Collaboration agendas shall be mutually agreed upon between the site administration and the Site Leadership Team. These agendas shall be responsive to the needs of the students and focus on improving student achievement. The following four (4) questions will guide collaboration:

    • What do we want students to learn?
    • How will we know they are learning?
    • How will we respond when they don't learn?
    • How will we respond if they already know it?

All teachers shall come prepared to each collaboration meeting and actively participate as an equal member of the team. Site administrators are equal members in the process of improving student achievement and will act to provide support and guidance during collaboration time. Collaboration time shall not exceed 60 minutes unless the members of the team voluntarily agree to meet for additional time. [MCS-MTA Contract].


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