a) Question: Is a teacher required to serve on a school committee?

Advice: No. A teacher is not required to serve on a committee. It is a voluntary decision for a teacher to serve on any school committee. Furthermore, a teacher may stop serving anytime on an a committee that has no paid stipend.

b) Question: If nominated, am I required to be a candidate on a School Site Council election?

Advice: No, you may decline to be a candidate. That is, inform your principal that you wish not to serve as a teacher representative.

c) Question: Can a teacher be assigned to the School Site Council?

Advice: Advice: No. In regards to School Site Councils (SSC) who are responsible for the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), members must be chosen by peers {“elected by teachers by written ballot at a noticed election. Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with these same procedures” MCS AR 0421}. No seat on the SSC may be reserved for any group or individual. Membership is normally determined by ballot, but could be decided in an open meeting by voice vote. Ballots must be maintained for 3 years.


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