a) Question: What shall be included in an evaluation of an instructional employee?

Advice: Instructional employee evaluations shall include evidence of pupils’ progress toward established standards based upon pre and post assessments. The measurement of student progress will be mutually agreed upon by the teacher and evaluator [MCS-MTA Contract]. The administrator can not dictate a list of objectives.

At the beginning of the school year, you should meet with your evaluator to “work cooperatively to establish” your objectives. If you need help in formulating objectives, you should seek assistance from your department or grade level chair, veteran teacher, and/or chapter chair (see sample). You may include possible mitigating factors that apply to your individual situation.

If the employee and the evaluator are unable to reach an agreement upon the content of the objectives, and the employee is dissatisfied with the evaluator’s determination, the employee may appeal the matter to the next higher administrative level for resolution.

The evaluation and assessment of instructional employee competence shall not include the use of publishers’ norms established by standardized tests [MCS-MTA Contract].

Final evaluation comments must relate to administrative observations and/or written communications to individual employees during the observation period. The evaluation process shall not be used as a means of harassment of any employee [MCS-MTA Contract].

The certificated employee being evaluated and the supervising administrator shall meet no later October 31st for the initial consultation conference to discuss and/or review:

  • The administrator's expectation regarding the employee's duties and responsibilities.
  • The evaluation forms and procedures.
  • The tentative schedule (dates and times) of observations.
  • The establishment of student achievement objectives based on the content standards.
  • Any mitigating factors that may affect the certificated employee to meet the student achievement objectives.

b) Question: How often are teachers evaluated?

Advice: Probationary teachers shall be evaluated each school year. Permanent teachers who receive a “satisfactory” evaluation shall be evaluated once every two years regardless of assignment, transfer, etc. Permanent teachers who receive a “satisfactory” evaluation shall be evaluated once every three years regardless of assignment, transfer, etc. if employee has at least 10 years with the School District [MCS-MTA Contract].


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