Question: Is a teacher required to participate in a school wide intervention schedule?

Advice: It is Modesto Teachers Association's position that teachers are not required to participate in a school wide intervention program. As an alternative, a teacher may provide intervention according to their own class schedule. After a Cease & Desist letter addressing school-wide intervention was sent to the District, MTA was substantiated with the following response:

School-Wide Intervention Letter (9/13/16) from Ginger Johnson, Associate Superintendent, Educational Services to All Elementary School Certificated Staff and All Elementary School Principals wrote, “In recent years, District elementary schools have implemented formal English Language Arts School-Wide Intervention programs. The District has since learned some elementary school teachers have felt obligated to participate in these formal programs. This is not the case. No teacher is required to participate in these formal intervention programs. They are purely voluntary. No teacher will be subject to any penalty for declining to participate in a voluntary intervention program, or for withdrawing from participation.”


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