Question: What is the responsibility of a Leadership Team Member?

Advice: Leadership Team Member responsibilities include the following duties [MCS-MTA Contract]:

  1. Attend site leadership meetings (maximum 13 meetings per year, except with approval by the majority of the Leadership Team).
  2. Lead a team of grade level teachers.
  3. Attend a District-wide professional development.
  4. Actively participate in site leadership.
  5. Facilitate the review of student performance data and develop plans to increase student learning.
  6. Assist with orientation of new teachers.
  7. Conduct regularly scheduled meetings with grade level team.
  8. Assist with development of the Professional Learning Community (PLC).
  9. Willingness to learn, adopt, and potentially assist teachers with state standards.
  10. Lead an instructional team and/or department.

Leadership Team Member positions will be established at each K-6 school site. Compensation will be based upon the Modesto City Schools' Extra Duty Stipends Schedule. (Base: $1,339.48/2 payments; Jan & June) The leadership annual term will be July 1 to June 30. Each school will receive one (1) Leadership Team Member stipend per 100 students, grades TK-6 (CDP is not included in this calculation). A minimum of three (3) Leadership Team Members per school site [MCS-MTA Contract].

The staff members' recommendations shall be submitted in writing to the administrator within ten (10) days of the site administrator's notice of his/her intention to fill Leadership Team Positions [MCS-MTA Contract].

Leadership Team Members shall be selected by the site administrator after soliciting input from each staff member. A copy of each staff members' confidential written preference for Leadership Team shall be sent to the Association Office by the District. The site administrator shall give good faith consideration to the majority preference of the team/department [MCS-MTA Contract].

The site administrator will annually notify in writing of his/her intention to fill Leadership Team Member positions and ask staff members to submit their recommendations for Leadership Team Members [MCS-MTA Contract].


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