Preparation Periods

a) Question: How many minutes shall a 1st-6th grade teacher have for preparation?

Advice: There shall be a weekly elementary preparation period at each elementary school site (which includes special education), for grades 1-6 within the following guidelines: Two thirty (30) minute preparation times for each 1-6 teacher. Beginning with 2016-2017, one (1) forty-five (45) minute preparation time will be added. Special education or certificated employees who are teacher of record will receive prep time [MCS-MTA Contract 2017-2020].

Advice: Secondly, the regular teacher on preparation time shall not be responsible for or interrupted for purposes of handling student discipline for misconduct occurring during preparation time.

b) Question: How many minutes shall a 7th-12th grade teacher have for preparation?

Advice: 330 minutes, including a preparation period equivalent to a student instructional period, and excluding lunch [MCS-MTA Contract 2017-2020].


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