Site Representatives

Interested in becoming a rep?

  • Representatives meet once a month, typically the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Representatives are expected to attend 7 out of 9 RA meetings.
  • Representatives are expected to serve on an MTA committee.
  • Representatives are expected to attend at least 2 MCS board meetings.
  • When a representative meets these expectations, an incentive of $150 is given to the rep. for classroom supplies.
  • If you are interested, see your main site rep.

Site Representative Training Booklet

Representative Role

  1. Representatives are a constant and ongoing liaison between the Representative Assembly and the active members of their site.
  2. Representatives serve as the official channel through which written communications and publications can be easily and quickly transmitted between the Association and the members.
  3. Representatives represent the view and input of the active membership in votes taken in the Representative Assembly, conducting frequent and regular polls of such membership for this purpose.
  4. Representatives perform such additional duties as prescribed by the Executive Board.