Site Representatives

Wanted: Site Representatives

MTA Site Representatives are elected to serve two-year terms. If your site did not hold elections last year, this your year to do so. Each faculty, site, or site unit shall be entitled to at least one representative and shall have one representative for each fifteen (15) active members on the staff, or major fraction thereof {MTA Bylaws}.

MTA offers a $300 stipend for active Site Reps. In order to earn the stipend, a Site Rep must fulfill the job responsibilities, as well as meet the attendance and work requirements. There are three work options this year: at least one is required to earn the stipend.

Job Responsibilities

  • Run elections
  • Hold monthly 10-minute meetings
  • Disseminate MTA information


  • Attend at least 8 out of 10 Rep meetings

Work Options (must fulfill at least one)

  • Regular participation on an MTA standing committee
  • Attend two (2) Board of Education meetings
  • Attend a CTA conference

No prior experience is necessary. MTA will be offering Site Rep training on October 8th for all new and continuing Site Reps.