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Negotiations News (2/5/2020)

The Association and the District went back to the negotiations table for the third time on Tuesday, February 4th. The following is a brief summary.

  • The two teams finalized language for Article XII-Organizational Security and Payroll Reduction to meet the new rules for union membership according to the Janus Supreme Court ruling.
  • Last year's Collective Bargaining Agreement created an Insurance Committee to investigate benefit options for MCS employees, including MTA, CSEA, and Managers. The Committee's deadline for a summary report was extended until March 15, 2020, so they can successfully complete their process. Their report may influence the Association's counterproposal for Health and Welfare.
  • The Association provided updated counterproposals for articles that were due today. The District will provide counterproposals at our next meeting.
  • Dialogue between our two teams remain productive and professional. Two future negotiation dates have been agreed upon for our next meetings:
    • Tuesday, March 31st
    • Tuesday, April 21st

Anticipate future communication from the Negotiations Team after our next scheduled bargaining session with the District.

"United We Bargain, Divided We Beg"

MCS CounterProposal Summary

Note: The Salary and Health & Welfare articles work together as a combined offer

Article IX - Salary

  • The District proposed a 1% increase to the applicable salary schedules.
  • The District accepted the Association's proposal to increase the Hourly Direct Instructional Program Schedule.

Article X - Health and Welfare

  • A significant policy shift was advanced by the District to enhance our health insurance plan. They proposed increasing the health contribution for those who take District insurance; those who currently collect Cash-in-Lieu would continue to receive it, but employees hired after July 1, 2020, would not be eligible to receive Cash-in-Lieu payments.
  • A health insurance position for Child Development groups remains to be refined to ensure amounts are equitable on the proposed terms.

The Association recognizes the complexity of this issue and awaits an end of process summary from the Health Benefits Committee, which is due by February 1st.

Article XII - Organizational Security and Payroll Deduction

  • The District advanced very similar language that the Association proposed last month to update and reflect current practices for teachers joining the Association to match the Janus Supreme Court ruling.

Article XIII - Transfers

  • The District agreed that an involuntarily transferred classroom teacher shall be provided a substitute teacher for one student instructional day.
  • The District advanced criteria for overstaffing, employee initiated transfers, and vacancy postings.

MTA CounterProposal Summary

Article IV - Hours of Employment

  • The Association and District agreed to adjust start times for Grades 7-8 and 9-12 to comply with Education Code 46148.
  • The Association accepted the District's proposal to extend Professional Development through the 2020-21 school year for 0.5% bonus for 6 hours of PD training.
  • The Association advanced language regarding Mandated Reporter Training and instructional support for Full Day Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten.

Anticipate future communication from the Negotiations Team after February 4th bargaining session with the District.